Jim Fulton wrote:
At one point, enabling the 'http:' checkout gateway was a sure-fire
recipe for getting SVN's knickers in a twist, which is why we disabled
it.  Or maybe that was ViewCSV.

Actually, it was BekeleyDB. :)

And Jens has fixed that now, iirc?

The main obstical was that it required apache 2 and, at the time
we were running apache 1 and I didn't want to spend the time
figuring out the apache access.

Is cvs.zope.org still running Apache 1?

I would support HTTP anonymous checkouts.  I'm really against
writable HTTP checkouts because I consider the credentials
mechanism for HTTP access to be extremely lame.

Can you elaborate a little? I'm guessing you may mean that the subversion client has a propensity for storing cleartext passwords but is there anything else?

lame program for uploading keys, I find the ssh-based access
mechanism to be far more usable and secure.

Secure, maybe, but is it really worth it?

Usable? Don't agree, especially if you're trying to develop on Windows...



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