Jim Fulton wrote:
OK, for those not familiar with svn/HTTP authentication, as I understand it
you have to authenticate for each session and your credentials are
cached in
clear text in your home directory.

Well, you _either_ have to authenticate once per session _or_ your credentials are cached in clear text in .subversion/auth/basic/xxx.

The storage of clear-text credentials
is obviously lame,

Yeah, I wonder if anyone has reported this as a bug to the svn people?

as is the necessity to provide then for each svn session.

Well, if you accept one lame-ness then you never have to provide credentials again ;-)

With the current ssh-based mechanism, I authenicate once when I log into
my machine and don't have to authenticate again for the remainder of that
OS session, during which I can log into many remote machines and access many
different Subversion and CVS repositories without having to reenter
credentials.  I find this to be a major convenience.

...outweighed by getting public keys onto the right servers, getting the damn putty session to find the keys and getting Tortoise and the command line client to use the right putty session :-/

Chris :'(

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