Chris McDonough wrote at 2006-3-13 10:21 -0500:
> ... silly id restrictions ...
>Here's my current monkeypatch to Zope to unrestrict a good number of  
>def patch_objectmanager_badid():
>     """ Causes Zope to be less restrictive in the set of characters it
>     accepts as valid within object identifiers.
>     Added as acceptable: []*'!:@&#=+$
>     """
>     import re
>     acceptable = r'[^a-zA-Z0-9-_~,.$\(\)\[\]\*\'\!\:[EMAIL 
> PROTECTED]&\#\=\+\$ ]'
>     bad_id = re.compile(acceptable).search
>     import OFS.ObjectManager
>     OFS.ObjectManager.bad_id = bad_id
>The projects that use this patch have been in use for several years;  
>they predate Five.  I of course don't mind continuing to do this, but  
>I'd hate to have to change it temporarily (to fix this bug which  
>actually isn't a bug for me because I don't use Five for these  
>projects) and then change it again when we do the pluggable thing.


Looks as if we had very similar project requirements...

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