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Ross Patterson wrote:
> http://www.zope.org/Members/rossp/PDBDebugMode
> PDBDebugMode - PDB post-mortem debugging on exceptions when debug-mode=on
> If a relevant error log object is found, exceptions included in the
> error log's ignored exception types will be ignored and the debugger
> won't be invoked.
> It also enables the import of the pdb module in unprotected code.
> On encountering an error, the port-mortem debugger is invoked with the
> error's traceback.  Once in the debugger you can examine objects,
> variables, etc. at all levels of the call stack.  This is, of course,
> extremely useful for debugging.
> Since it only does anything if the instance is running with
> debug-mode=on, I find this product useful not only for debugging on my
> development instances, but also for doing quick emergency debugging on
> a live production site.  IOW, if the problem is only reproducable on
> the production site but not on my development instance, I'll restart
> the production instance in debug-mode with pdb in emacs, reproduce the
> error, inspect the call stack.

Way cool!  What would you think about incorporating a version of this
into the Zope2 core for version 2.10?  I think we would need to add some
additional ZConfig schema to support it, as the mere presence of the
product would not be sufficient as an enabling knob (in fact, there
mightn't be any "product" at all).

If you're willing, I'd be glad to help land it (I think Z3 already has a
similar feature, wired in as a separate server).

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