> I've only just tried PDBDebugMode, very handy since you don't have
> to put set_trace() in your code (and remember to remove it).

Glad you like it :)

> I have also sometimes used Chris Withers' "zdb" product, 
> http://www.simplistix.co.uk/software/zope/zdb,
> which has some overlap in that it allows you to do this in restricted
> code, e.g. cmf scripts:
> from Products.zdb import set_trace
> set_trace()
> ... and, very usefully, once in the debugger you can use the "l" command
> to see the script source and it gets line numbers right.  So Ross, maybe

Oooh!  I'd love that.  I'll look into it.

You should really try using a editor/IDE that automatically shows the
corresponding code along side the debugger, like Emacs' gud-mode which
can be invoked with "M-x pdb".  It rocks!

Thanks for the suggestion!

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