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I am interested in maintaining them, documenting them, and upgrading them.

Cool. I think a good starting point would be to update


I have been through the code a number of times, and if someone would
spend 15 minutes explaining the high level design decisions, I could
probably keep them up to date.  Why do they have multiple properties on a
property sheet, instead of having a list of independent data types?

Ask Jim :-)

I am also very interested in versions, and maintaining versions.

I think versions are history and have gone in Zope 2.8 or even Zope 2.7.

Versionning and ZClasses make the fastest single user development
environment I have ever seen in my life.  If your company can afford file
based development, great, but some of us live on the income from our web
sites, and really want to develop fast.

Fast is only one point of successful software development. How to you meet the goals extensibility & maintenance with ZClasses or do you write only
write-once-throw-away apps?

And I object to the statement that "most people with solid backgrounds".
I would prefer if you said that:  "In certain circumstances ZClasses
makes sense, in other circumstances, file based development makes better
sense. In some cases Plone is better, in some cases Zope is better, in
some cases Ruby on Rails is better, in some cases Zope3 is better".
Different situations require different choices.

This brings us back to the old discussion where we want to go with Zope in the future and what our target audience for Zope should/will be. I have some clear thought on that but that's only one opinion among others.


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