Mark Hammond wrote:
If this is the problem, it will probably only happen when using
runzope.bat - running as a service probably works fine.

Ah, okay, yeah, I only use runzope...

In that case, the problem is the order that Windows uses to search for DLLs.
The short answer is that things should work if:
* the CWD of the process is the Python directory (ie, the directory with the
Python executables and the pywin32 system DLLs).  This will be true when
starting as a service.

Right, so this would have to be the shipped-with-zope-python-build-that-includes-pywin32?

* that directory is on your PATH before the Windows SYSTEM32 directory
(which is where pywin32 sticks its copy of these files, for various reasons)

Do both this and the above have to be true, or will things work if either of them are true?

In the case of runzope.bat, this just means having the CWD of the shell be
the Python dir, and specifying the path to runzope.bat.  A better solution
moving forward may be to have runzope.bat explicitly CD to that directory
before doing its thing...

Yeah, that's cool, but how are you _supposed_ to exit zope when using runzope.bat?



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