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Chris Withers wrote:

Andreas Jung wrote:

CMF or not - if one need such a functionality one can download CMF or
a related product. If such functionality should belong into the core
than it should be implemented in a reusable way and frameworks like
CMF should be build on top of it. So -1 for the request.

Indeed, I'm -1 on FileSystemSite, but it'd be _great_ to see the
DirectoryView stuff move from the CMF into the core.

I don't get what you mean:  FilesystemSite *is* a separate packaging of
the DirectoryView /FS{DTMLMethod/PythonScript/PageTemplate/SQLMethod}
stuff, without any CMF dependencies.

It forked from an old version of CMF some time back but has not kept up with the changes in CMF. Thus it is not compatible right now. For eg.

[Default] vs.[default] in the .metadata files

and many more minor annoyances :)

Thank you and Cheers,

Suresh V.
CTO, ParTecs, Bangalore
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