On Thu, Apr 13, 2006 at 11:46:20AM +0200, Florent Guillaume wrote:
| Hi,
| Sidnei has been working on the Zope 2 publication-refactor branch  
| where he's allowed the use of the Zope 3 Twisted-based server, and of  
| a Zope 3 based publication process.
| I'd like to see this merge branched in Zope 2 trunk because I'd like  
| Zope 2.10 to be Twisted-based. What's missing from the branch  
| preventing this? What problems have been encountered?

Well, the biggest is making an adapter for the Zope 3 request so that
it implements the same interface as the Zope 2 request. Other than
that, it was pretty much working.

Oh, and now I recall, we don't have 'streaming', 'chunked', and
'gzipping' yet, though the latter two would be easily implemented as
wsgi middleware (could even use the implementation from
django/turbogears). That's the second biggest :)

| (This query is a reaction to my diving in to current asyncore+medusa 
| +ThreadedAsync+PubCore that gives me nightmares when I realize I'll  
| have to implement new server types or new stuff more akin to the ZEO  
| storage server.)

It's not that bad :)

| Thanks,
| Florent
| PS: what do people think of changing ZEO so that it integrates with  
| Twisted properly instead of relying on a private event loop hack  
| [please move to zodb-dev if you answer this]

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