Tres Seaver wrote:
> Andreas Jung wrote:
>>> --On 19. April 2006 15:30:44 -0400 Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>> wrote:
>>>> I'll note that I have a client who can't move forward from 2.9.1 to
>>>> 2.9.3 because the changes to traversal semantics in that release break
>>>> every view lookup in the application (which was originally built on
>>>> 2.8.x, and works fine on 2.9.1.
>>> Do you say that we introduced an incompatibility in 2.9.2?
> Yes.  The change was introduced in Five 1.3.3, revision 66191:
> The discussion on the list of the "fix" didn't take into account all the
> usage patterns.

Some people with certain usage patterns participated in the discussion
and adjusted their applications. The "fix" was under discussion for
quite some time before it was put into a release.

> I would vote to delay a release until we find a way to restore the
> broken functionality.  Could we perhaps provide an alternate
> implementation with the original lookup order, and make it pluggable?

Yes, we could perhaps make it pluggable. Then again, the rationale
behind the fix is that Zope 2 traversal (regarding views) should
essentially be very much like Zope 3 traversal. The fix guarantees that.
One could argue that an application relying on the opposite behaviour is
relying on undocumented and essentially unexpected behaviour.

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