Chris McDonough wrote:

> There's a nice little Mac freeware app named IcoMaker for  
> creating .ico files from GIF files.  .ico files are actually  
> containers for various icon sizes and color depths and this app  
> allows you to create an .ico file out of up to six sizes/depths.  I  
> stole the favico from and made one using IcoMaker with a  
> single size/depth (16x16/16colors).  It's attached.  I haven't tried  
> it in IE.  If it doesn't work for whatever reason, maybe someone else  
> who has more icon-foo can do a more thorough job.
That one works, at least in those cases where IE is displaying the icon at 
16x16. Some higher resolution images in the file would be useful though for 
situations where it decides to display larger icons, otherwise it looks 
pretty blocky.

So far I've found at least 4 different icon sizes used in IE and one 
outside. From smallest to largest: address bar and favourites toolbar are 
smallest (1), the links toolbar uses a larger icon (2), favourite 
properties has the icon on two tabs in different sizes 'web document' (3) 
and 'General' (4). And of course IE's favourites are actually just a 
folder, so you need a suitable icon for Explorer's icon view (5).

I haven't measured these, but I would guess the sizes I saw were 16, 24, 
32, 48, and 64 pixels.

There's an icon maker at which will do 16,32 and 48 
pixel images online, but I don't have a decent starting image.

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