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1. easter-sprint_traversal-refactor

I also recommend that we deprecate both __bobo_traverse__ and
__browser_default__, but perhaps with a longer derecation period that
usual, since this are very basic techniques used in many products.
Please discuss. :)

+1, also on a longer deprecation period.

2. regebro-wsgi_refactor

The work Michael and I did last week also included an effort to finish
Sidnei da Silvas publication traversal branch, that attempts to
replace ZPublisher with zope.publisher and ZServer with twisted.
Trying to finish that work, I grew restless with the tight integration
between all the modules, and have therefore tries to pry ZPublisher
and ZServer apart, but wedging WSGI in between them. The modules are
not 100% separated as the ZPublisher still imports some modules from
the ZServer and the other way around, but there is now a WSGI
application class that should be callable from any WSGI server. I
propose to check this in to make it possible to use twisted with
Zope2, even though we may not have time to include the twisted server
in the release.

What are the possible risks of those changes? What is the goal of this branch? Integration as an optional feature or replacement of ZPublisher/ZServer?


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