Florent Guillaume wrote:
> We can't potentially break currently perfectly working applications.
> I'd propose either:
> - introduce a config flag somewhere (zope.conf), off by default,
> switching the zope 2 REQUEST.debug to not using form/cookies/others but
> the proper attribute that zope 3 expects,
> - or make a deep hack in zope 2 request's __getattr__ for the 'debug'
> case to check the caller stack for the few cases we know are needed from
> zope 3 code (zpt engine for instance), and at the same time emit a
> warning that direct access to REQUEST.debug is deprecated and that
> people should use __getitem__ access.

I would go for the second option. I hadn't thought about inspecting the caller
stack, it seems the least invasive option for now. Unless someone complains, I
will implement it this way before the zope33-port is merged this coming week.
Anything calling REQUEST.debug from the 'zope' package will see the debug
flags, everything else will continue to see form variables.

> Do we also want to think about deprecating __getattr__ access to REQUEST
> in general? Given that the zope 2 core is not cleaned of it (I'm sure --
> though I haven't looked), it would mean total deprecation wouldn't be
> done before 1.5 years anyway...

Yes, I think we should at least discourage __getattr__ access on the REQUEST
and encourage explicit usage of request.form, request.cookies, etc.

I would be fine with officially deprecating __getattr__ access in Zope 2.11.
Changing the rest of Zope and third party products to use __getitem__ would
mostly be a mechanical change, anyways.

Lennart and Michael's work paved the way for more zope.publisher-like features
in Zope 2. Regardless of whether zope.publisher will take over in Zope 2.11
already, it's a good idea to evolve the Zope 2 request interface towards the
Zope 3 one. That makes the ride smoother when we do switch to the Zope 3
publishing machinery.


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