Benji York wrote:
Yep, that looks like it. Either I'll make my first commit to Zope 2 ever :) or if you want to, you can change it to something like this:

import tempfile
import os

fname = 'import_export.xml'
tempdir = tempfile.mkdtemp()
    ostream = open(fname, 'wb')
        data = exportXML(connection, oid, ostream)

    sub._importObjectFromFile(fname, 0, 0)

Thanks for looking into this.

I'm actually trying to write some tests for historyCopy, so I'm seeing these failrues when I run the OFS tests, so I'll fix 'em...

However, if you can point me in the direction of any tests that use a scratch ZODB to test ZODB-stuff (ie: historyCopy in my case...) I'd be very greatful if you could point me at them.

Also, if I do a writeable checkout of Zope 2 trunk or Zope 2.9 branch, any ideas how I then compile things suchthat I can run the tests, and how do I run the tests once I've successfully compiled everything?



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