On Tue, May 02, 2006 at 12:00:07PM -0700, Benjamin Isaac wrote:
> I'm using Zope version 2.5

Wow. You do know that's over four years old, right?
Are you stuck with that version for some reason? 

> My problem:  I need to access the DOM.  I need to pass a value from a
> form field to a python script.

Unfortunately I can't make sense of the above... it was a non-sequitor. 
Let's split those up, or you can explain how you think they're related:

> I need to access the DOM.


> I need to pass a value from a
> form field to a python script.

That normally has nothing to do with DOM. 
Typically, the form would just submit to a url that resolves
to a script, and that script will get the value from the
request. See the chapters "Basic Zope Scripting" and "Advanced Zope
Scripting" in the online Zope Book, at
Sorry if you've read all that before, I may be totally missing
your point.

> I'm not sure if 2.5 implements ZDOM.  If so, has anyone used it yet? 
> If someone has used it, then perhaps that someone could send me a code
> snippet as an example?

Personally I've never seen ZDOM before.
AFAICT from a very brief look, it's nothing but a different way of
traversing the zope object tree.  Possibly convenient at times
but I don't see anything there that can't be done with the "normal"
zope APIs.


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