Paul Winkler wrote:
>> I'm not sure if 2.5 implements ZDOM.  If so, has anyone used it yet? 
>> If someone has used it, then perhaps that someone could send me a code
>> snippet as an example?
> Personally I've never seen ZDOM before.

You haven't missed anything :).

> AFAICT from a very brief look, it's nothing but a different way of
> traversing the zope object tree.  Possibly convenient at times
> but I don't see anything there that can't be done with the "normal"
> zope APIs.

Aaaah, time for a Zope history lesson :). The beginning of ZDOM predates
my engagement in Zope by a little over a year.  It dates back to the
times when the XML hype all of a sudden hit the Zope world, meaning
Digital Creations :). Everybody was thinking how important it was to
make Zope support XML and hence we ended up with things like ZDOM. Or an
expat parser shipping with Zope. As said, it predates my Zope time, but
I've heard the stories about the XML hype (and the following anti-hype)
all too well...

According to SVN, that was 6.75 years ago. The ZDOM API isn't used much,
but you do see some code using parentNode etc. once in a while. There
don't seem to be tests for it, so it's just bitrotting. Perhaps someone
finds the time and energy to deprecate it and eventually 'svn rm' it...

By the way, unless Benjamin was calling for the deprecation of ZDOM (I
don't think he was), this is the wrong list. General Zope problems
should be discussed on [EMAIL PROTECTED] is for
development *of* Zope, not *with* Zope.

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