On Mon, May 15, 2006 at 03:25:55PM -0400, Fred Drake wrote:
| On 5/15/06, Sidnei da Silva <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
| >Also on a similar subject, running 'make install' from a checkout only
| >copies packages that have a 'SETUP.cfg' inside. Is that intentional?
| >
| >I thought someone was in charge of fixing the 'make install' dance.
| Someone might be, and it might even be me (I don't recall).  There's
| been no time for me to work on that, and I don't foresee any in the
| near future.
| You're welcome to look into this yourself.  I've not been convinced
| that this is actually an important use case.

The whole thing seems a bit backwards to me. I'm not sure why some
parts of the Zope2 tarball-making process do a checkout from a SVN
tag. Why not check everything out of SVN then? I would have thought
the procedure for building a tarball would be:

1. Checkout SVN tag
2. Build tarball from the tag checkout (no network required in this

In the current process it is possible to checkout trunk and make a
tarball that has parts of trunk and parts of a tag.

One way or another, the real thing I'm after is to be able to run
'make install' from a checkout and end up with the same as running
'make install' from a tarball. 

If that requires building a tarball and then extracting the tarball
it's fine with me, as long as the makefile takes care of it. Heck,
once you have all the parts needed to build the tarball, you would be
set, no need to tar and then untar.

So, I think the real question is:

 - Can we make it so running 'make zpkg' or 'make pre_sdist' or
   something builds a directory that is ready to just be tar'd up to
   generate the final tarball, and that doing 'make install' will pick
   depend on this step and then run 'install.py' from that directory?

I don't think that's too hard. I've played a bit with it, and found
out 'zpkgtools' needs to be added to the 'buildsupport' dir at least,
if you don't want to require zpkg to be installed, and then I ran out
of time after generating a tarball.

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