Tres Seaver wrote:
Zope2 uses them at the beginning of a path to indicate traversal from
the root.  -1 to dropping that case (it is the one which makes
'/foo/bar' behave orthagonally).

Yeah, I'm actually about -10 to this ;-)

...think about trying to explain why:

context.restrictedTraverse('/plonesite/folder/document').absolute_url(), while the following barfs at you:

tal:attributes="href /plonesite/folder/document/absolue_url"

...which would mean you could no longer use Zope 2's catalog uids as paths for traversal, which would be a shame :-/

Havinng blank elements work as no-ops
also makes them behave predictably:  this is what command shells (sane
ones, anyway) do with them.  E.g.:

  $ ls /path/to//foo

yiels the same results as:

  $ ls /path/to/foo

So -0 to dropping the current blank traversal behavior at all.

Then again, I'm +0.1 on dropping empty path elements anywhere but the start of the path...



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