Tres Seaver wrote:
> Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
>>> Log message for revision 68244:
>>>   Fix a test that was testing wrong behaviour: primitive types
>>>   werent' called if they were the result of a path expression, while
>>>   all other callables were called. This tests now tests the correct
>>>   behaviour (which happens to be already implemented by the Zope 3
>>>   TALES engine)
>>> +        assert ec.evaluate('x | python:int') == 0
> Wait a minute -- that isn't a path expression there!

Yes it is. This line could explicitly written as:

  assert ec.evaluate('path: x | python:int') == 0

The python: expression is just part of the path expression.

> The '|' is not supposed to change the rules for evaluation of the
> subexpressions!

It doesn't change the rules for the evaluation of the subexpressions
themselves. But it might easily change the rules of what happens to the
result of the expression afterwards.

> If
> 'int' or the like were somehow avaialbe at module scope, or via
> 'options' or another top-level name, then they should be called *when
> they are the last item in a path expression*.
> The test was actually correct beofore: because tne PathExpression, 'x',
> raises, the PythonExpression, 'int', is evalutated.  The result of a
> subexpression is not suppoeed to be called,

No, not the result of a subexpression, but the result of the overall
path expression. That's how it works in both Zope 2 and Zope 3. Zope 2
just special-cases primitive types.


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