Hi all,

After trying to get zope3-style locale information from a zope2 request
for another task today I discovered I had no idea what the plan was
regarding uniting these two request models in short-term or long-term
(or even if there are any plans).

I've heard rumours that ultimately the preferred manner of integration
of z2 and z3 requests was to replace the z2 ZPublisher with the z3
zope.publisher.  Perhaps those are just rumours, I have no idea.  In any
event, that would certainly be long-term.

But are we doing anything in the short-term?  My naive idea was that
perhaps we should start building FrankenHTTPRequest which extended the
original ZPublisher HTTPRequest but then also implemented
zope.publisher's IHTTPRequest interface.  This would give us a fairly
safe combination of both requests and enable more zope3 applications to
work as-is on Zope 2 (the one example that comes to mind is zope3's
formlib which requires locale information to be present on the active
request based on zope.publisher's IHTTPRequest).

To be honest I'm only throwing random ideas out here just to spark a
discussion.  Maybe you all have already figured out the appropriate game
plan.  Either way, I'd just like to know :)

- Rocky

Rocky Burt
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