Hi all,

Ever since I've been developing z3-based projects on zope 2.8+ I've been
copying Five's skel/package-includes and skel/site.zcml to my
$INSTANCE_HOME/etc so I can use zcml slugs.  Now that zope2 is gaining
more and more zope3 support I think its time we added these items to
zope 2.10's instance skel directory so each new zope 2.10 instance that
is created has those items.

Some reasons for doing this are:
  - Removes one more step for getting going with zope3 development on
  - Zope 3 developers wanting to port their apps to CMF/Plone don't have
to figure out why their zcml slugs aren't working when they just copy
them into etc/package-includes (since the instance has no site.zcml)
  - more consistent with zope3 instances

What do you all think?

- Rocky

Rocky Burt
ServerZen Software -- http://www.serverzen.com
News About The Server (blog) -- http://www.serverzen.net

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