there is a world of difference between shipping with and this language really what happened?

I thought the decision was to ship with a site.zcml and package-includes directory in their conventional place, not changing Five's behavior to look for it's skeleton if it didn't find the aforementioned.


Tres Seaver wrote:
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Rocky Burt wrote:
Log message for revision 68359:
  Five now requires site.zcml to live in /etc

  U   Products.Five/trunk/CHANGES.txt
  D   Products.Five/trunk/skel/
  U   Products.Five/trunk/

Modified: Products.Five/trunk/CHANGES.txt
--- Products.Five/trunk/CHANGES.txt     2006-05-29 19:42:51 UTC (rev 68358)
+++ Products.Five/trunk/CHANGES.txt     2006-05-29 20:24:13 UTC (rev 68359)
@@ -8,6 +8,18 @@
+* Zope 2.10+ now includes site.zcml as part of its instance creation
+  skel directory.  As a consequence Five now requires this file to exist
+ in every instance. If upgrading a site from Zope 2.9 to 2.10, you will + need to copy site.zcml and package-includes/ from your installed Zope + installation location (skel/etc/) into the etc/ directory of your upgraded + instance. + + The rationale for requiring this new file is to bring Zope 2 instances
+  closer in consistency to Zope 3 instances.  It also eases use of Zope 3
+  coding techniques in Zope 2 and removes some confusion when trying
+  to run pure Zope 3 applications on Zope 2.

This is a BBB foul.  The appropriate way to make such a change is to add
a deprecation warning, leaveing the "old" behavior (which was to use the
'site.zcml' from inside Five) in place.

Making "forward compatibility" smoother is *less* important than
preserving "backward compatibility".

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