Sorry to beat a dead horse: the ZMI doesn't allow using non-Latin-1 properties.

* properties are stored using the default-zpublisher-encoding (iso-8859-15);
* manage_propertiesForm is input--output'ed using management_page_charset (UTF-8) ...
* ... but built using join_unicode, which calls PyUnicode_DecodeLatin1.

To see the problem:

* with the default default-zpublisher-encoding (Latin-9),
  - set a property's value to '€' (not in Latin-1)
  - Save Changes: it will be displayed as '¤' (the corresponding character)
- Save Changes again: 'charmap' codec can't encode character u'\xa4' in position 0: character maps to <undefined> (because '¤' is not in (Latin-9).

* with default-zpublisher-encoding set to UTF-8
  - set a property's value to '€'
  - Save Changes: it will be displayed as '€'
  - Save Changes again: it becomes '€'

Note that this has repercussions not only on the ZMI but on other products, such as GenericSetup.

Some possible fixes:

* do nothing. This will please those wishing to deprecate the ZMI, but not the rest of us :-)

* rewrite properties.dtml as a ZPT?

* change join_unicode to use either default-zpublisher-encoding or yet another setting (which would default to Latin-1 to stay compatible)?

Flames, comments?



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