I am interested in volunteering, but I am somewhat lost.

And I say that even though I have been developing in Zope for years, and reading this email list avidly for a year.

I think that I am going to go and buy and read the Zope 3 book. Beyond that I do not know what to do.

The problem is that I have no idea what direction Zope 2 is taking.

Although I have poked around on the web, I do not get Zope 3.

The Zope 3 class seems a bit expensive, for those of us who are self-unemployed and who want to volunteer on Zope 2.

I would love to read an architectural document, if it exists. If not maybe I could write it.

It would start off by describing the different target markets and competing products. It would then define the requirements for those target markets, and it would finish by describing the architecture for zope 2 and 3 that meets those target markets.

Of course that is the reverse of how it actually happened, but it sure makes a good story.

I even think that in the process of creating such a high level view of this industry, I might come up with an additional market or two, and an additional architecture for Zope n to meet the requirements for that market. For example, I know that I like ZClasses and versionning, and they are not part of the plan. Then I could figure out how Zope development figures in with my product plans, and could figure out the best place to apply my energies.

Maybe there is a internal group of zope 2 developers who have these conversations and who know which way things are going. Maybe no one knows, and as changes get delivered, they get approved. I am not even sure who is in charge of approving the cvs changes, and who is allowed to contribute to the cvs. Is there a list of the annointed high priests somewhere? Who annoints the approved code?

Maybe there is a trade show where all the key players show up once a year.

I think in the Plone world, at least there are the two key players, and then the board, so there is some visible structure. In the Zope world it is not so clear.

So here are my questions. How does one get involved? Who is in charge? Who approves cvs submissions? What is the target architecture? What are the target markets?
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