On 13 Jun 2006, at 21:51, Tres Seaver wrote:
Florent Guillaume wrote:
Chris Withers wrote:
Chris McDonough wrote:
view, but this wouldn't work for non-URL lookups. So people who use 'methods' now will need to monkeypatch in hideous ways just like the
'methods' stuff does now, in which case why not leave it?

Am I right as reading this as someone else who feels "why are we
deprecating this just for the sake of it?" ?

If you need monkey patching I don't see why the framework should help you. This should be extremely rare occurences with big comments, not use of a
magic 'methods' class attribute.

Removing it breaks longstanding and widely-used third-party products,
which means that anyone upgrading will have to upgrade the products at
the same time.  The win in this case is mostly aesthetic, which makes
the removal less attractive.

Yes but the deprecation has been there for a while, and the third party product developers have been ignoring the warning. Their loss. And this is only for Zope 2.10 which I doubt these third party products are using at the moment. If we don't remove things at some point, there's no point in doing deprecation warnings.

We can push it back to Zope 2.11... Actually I really don't care, I've patched EE.


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