On 18 Jun 2006, at 12:37, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Florent Guillaume wrote:
Florent Guillaume wrote:
So here's a proposal: how about having the following order:
- __bobo_traverse__
- unacquired attribute
- zope 3 views
- acquired attributes

Attached is the current diff I'm working with (for Zope 2.10).

Hey, cool. You know, the real challenge is backporting this all the way
to Five 1.2 to ensure compatibility between the current stable Zope 2

I know, unfortunately :(
I can't make any promise about that, 2.10/trunk is my priority here. But I think Lennart was working on the same thing on the Five side.

Please review the unit test (which pass as is), to check if you agree
with the semantics.

The unit tests look good except for the default-view-for-attributes
issue (see below).

By the way, I recommend avoiding ztapi. It isn't officially deprecated,
but we try to discourage its use wherever we can. I think it'll be
deprecated soon.

I've decided that if you traverse ".../foo/@@something", then only the zope 3 views will be consulted and never an attribute. I hope everyone
agrees with that.


The remaining important question is: if a *default* view is specified
using the zope 3 mechanism, should we always treat it as a zope 3 view,
and refuse to lookup an attribute with that name?

Yep. browser:defaultView should only affect the view machinery.



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