Martijn Faassen wrote:
Chris Withers wrote:
One of my other bugbears is that a flood of deprecation warnings often masks real problems.

What real problems?

Deprecation warnings in code I need to care about, as opposed to mindless spew from the zope core or other installed products but which i just use and don't have the knowledge to maintain...

This is bad. You'd be making it far less likely people will worry about deprecations, and they'll end up fixing their code *after* the deprecation period when things actually break, instead of before.

I'd assert most people don't worry about deprecation warnings because code still works when they see them. Oft overheard:
"oh, just ignore them, stuff still works and someone will fix it later"

I wouldn't be against a way to selectively shut *down* deprecation warnings for products.

Warnfilters already let you do this...

Your response is quite different than mine. If my Zope spews out warnings at me I go and fix them. :) I really don't like applications that babble at me.

Believe it or not, I 100% agree with you, but other people don't feel the way. Both core zope and Plone spew forth in their default state. Yes, that's the fault of the people who didnt' fix deprecation warnings, but I still have to deal with it :-S

Shutting up those "meaningless deprecations" is what I was driving at...



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