Tres Seaver wrote:
>>> Since you're denoting this as a "current version number", do I take it
>>> that you're planning on changing the way Zope 2.9 and 2.10 releases are
>>> created as well? I would consider egg-based deployment a feature; at
>>> least it's a big enough change that I'd be worried for it to occur in a
>>> maintenance release.
>>> After all, zpkg *does* work and the way zpkg-based releases are
>>> installed *is* documented (hence protest against this being a bugfix).
>>> It just gives some people headaches (which is why I'm +1 to the overall
>>> idea).
> We've had zpkg-related bugs after *each* Zope 2.9 release;  there are a
> couple of open ones now for 2.10.

Indeed, I count three open issues, all related to
( and the two it links to).
Sounds like there's only one real issue behind them (wrong

> I would argue that the patch is minimal enough to apply to 2.9.4 and
> 2.10 final without significant risk.

I disagree, but in the end it's your, Andreas's and whoever-else's call
as to how the risk of switching in between minor releases is weighed
against the number of problems we have with zpkg.

There *are* significant semantic differences between a zpkg checkout and
the one you produced, as pointed out by my other email a minute ago.

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