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This, BTW, breaks CMF 1.5 on Zope 2.9. Not sure I/you should care  though

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/home/stefan/autotest/temp/python24-zope29-cmf15/Products/
CMFActionIcons/", line 19, in ?
     from Products.CMFCore.DirectoryView import registerDirectory
   File "/home/stefan/autotest/temp/python24-zope29-cmf15/Products/
CMFCore/", line 21, in ?
     import MembershipTool, WorkflowTool, CatalogTool, DiscussionTool
   File "/home/stefan/autotest/temp/python24-zope29-cmf15/Products/
CMFCore/", line 23, in ?
     from Products.ZCatalog.ZCatalog import LOG
ImportError: cannot import name LOG


you replace all 'LOG' vars with 'logger'. Is there a reason for this replacement? We've been using LOG through out the complete Z2 core..we should remain consistent in some way.

Certainly not the whole core, Zope 2.10 has many many uses of logger. Including the ones in Zope 3, and ZODB, which *are* part of Zope 2.10.


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