Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Chris Withers wrote:
Florent Guillaume wrote:
Chris Withers wrote:
Both core zope and Plone spew forth in their default state.
Zope 2.10 does? It shouldn't. Please point out the deprecation
warnings it sends.
I, like many people I suspect, am still struggling to get projects onto
2.8/2.9. The thought that they're both going to be "obsolete" already
fills me with dread :-(

Oh please, stop the FUD.

Not FUD, whatever you mean by that here...

Zope 2.9 is well within its normal release cycle and not going out of
style for a long time.

Well, 2.10 is about to be cut, no? That technically makes 2.9 "no longer supported", right? (in the same way that 2.8 is not currently the active maintenance branch...)

If what we're really saying is that we've agreed to keep the previous two release branches maintained, then I assert we're branching too often ;-)

(I think the linux model of 2.odd being dev and 2.even being stable (I may well have those the wrong way round) is designed to prevent excessive branching...

Andreas had the idea of phasing out Zope 2
releases one year after their first release, which would mean that Zope
2.8 would be phased out soon, but not yet.

I don't think there's enough clarity between when something is time based and when something is number based... And, in all honesty, a year is too short a period of time... 2 years is more realistic for most projects I've worked on.

Plus, if you care to make more Zope 2.8 releases, by all means, do it.
But don't burden Andreas with even more work when YOU once agreed to his
very policy (see

Sometimes we learn from the past and our views on things change (still think implicit acquisition is a good idea? ;-) ). I'm certainly not trying to put any burden on Andreas, I'm questioning the policies which seem ot have resulted in so many branches that need maintaining...

Maybe once 2.9.4 is out and doesn't spew deprecation warnings? ;-)

Fix it and stop complaining. This issue is dead.

I'd prefer to see the person who caused all the deprecation warnings fix it.. (and I don't actually know who that is, before anyone thinks I'm having a personal dig...)



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