Chris Withers wrote at 2006-6-26 14:16 +0100:
>> ...
>> You see here the new (ZODB 3.6) multi-database support.
>>    Something tries to ad the database "packed" to a
>>    multi-database that already contains a "packed".
>> This might happen when you mount the same storage at different places
>> into your hierarchy.
>Indeed, and this is a perfectly legitimate use case...
>I have a Packed.fs and an UnPacked.fs:
>/content from Packed.fs is mounted to /content of UnPacked.fs
>/Catalog from Packed.fs is mounted to /Catalog of UnPacked.fs
> ...
>So, two questions:
>1. Is this a ZODB or a Zope bug? (ie: which collector do I file this in?)

I do not know, yet.

We are still using ZODB 3.4 and multi-database support was added
in ZODB 3.6.

But, I expect it is a Zope bug because both of your mounts
could (and almost surely should) use the same database and connection.

Both Zope and ZODB use the same collector. ZODB bugs get
the category "database".

I would file the bug report in this way (Zope collector
with category "database") even if it is not a ZODB error
(at least it is database related).

>2. Given that this is an exception being raised rather than a log 
>message, how come everything works fine even after the exception has 
>been reported?

I do not know -- as I did not yet analyse such a problem.

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