I've been developping some packages using zope.testing and the testrunner that ships with zope2.10. Yesterday, I packaged these using fairly standard python/egg pattern. one package is pure python, the other a zope2/zope3 hybrid.

now I have two large PITAs:

1. in general, this would suck alot less if easyinstall would recognize I already have package x, y, and z on my PYTHONPATH, rather than helpfully installing incompatible ones or erroring out when it can't resolve zope dependency x from the ether.

Doesn't seem to be a --stop-sucking flag that I can find. removing all the zopeish things like zope.interface and zope.testing solves this problem for the pure python package (but sort of make things like testing interfaces out of the question).

2. zopectl test doesn't see my tests with said packages installed in develop mode or as eggs (assorted --path etc options don't seem to help). Running the tests via python setup.py test only works when I unflag the testing dependency of zope.testing.

anyone been down this rabbit hole? have any suggestions? resources?



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