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Tres Seaver wrote:
Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Tres Seaver wrote:
 svn: URL
doesn't match existing URL
'svn://' in

I may have to munge 'zope/app' manually and check it in to get the merge
done.  Anybody have another suggestion?
When replacing a subversioned directory with an external, you first need
to remove the directory and commit it. Then, in a next revision, you add
the external.
I'm actually going the other direction, but I think I still need two
transactions (first remove the external, then create and add tne directory)

OK, I have merged the 'tseaver-retire_zpkg_branch' to the 2.9 branch,
and the 'tseaver-zpkg_retire-2.10' branch to the 2.10 branch and the trunk.

Because of the surgery involved in switching 'lib/python/zope/app' from
an svn:external to a "real" directlry, your existing sandboxen may neeed
some help in completing an 'svn up' (try removing the app directory, if
it barfs there).

Note that I did *not* repair the test failure which showed up on the
2.10 branch / trunk while I was in the middle of the merge -- it looks
as though it might be related to the traversal changes Florent made
today, and the failure is the same on the 2.10 branch / trunk *without*
the merge as *with* it.

Yep I'll check and fix those asap.


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