Dieter Maurer wrote:

Christopher Lozinski wrote at 2006-7-10 19:28 -0700:
I am interested in upgrading ZClasses and versioning.

What does "upgrading" mean here?

I do not quite know what upgrading means.

I think that I have the same problem that many other users have. I am quite lost when it comes to Zope 3.

I do not quite know what Zope 3 is. So I cannot quite figure out what to do with my Zope 2 application. There is the Zope 3 book, but reportedly that does not explain the architecture.

I thought I saw a great schema on, but it had no text, and now I cannot find it.

I could have attended the Zope 3 class, I had a great time at the Zope 2 class many years ago, but since I am not convinced I am migrating to Zope 3, I was not willing to spend the money.

There is the Seattle Plone conference in a few months, maybe I can go there then and get enlightenment. In the meantime, I will just stick with my well understood tools.

It is hard to volunteer without clear direction. Jim Fulton was very nice in offering to bring me up to speed, but I am careful not to lean on people, so that they are willing to help when I really need it. It would just take too much of his time to bring me up to speed. It is not just a few simple things that I need to understand.

I really like through the web development. It is hard to make mistakes. I can image a through the web interface on Zope 3, but since I cannot quite envision Zope3, so I have a hard time figuring out how to build the through the web interface.

Based on reading others postings , I think that I am not the only one lost in Zope space. I do not have a clear vision where the core developers are going.

Personally I would love to see an effort called Zope classic, to just polish up zope 2. But I do not think that is going to happen. It would be a lot like Plone without the CMF.

So I am putting my energies into upgrading my application. And just leaving it on zope 2.7*

So I am still interested in helping, but I am not able to move forward. I am lost in zope space. And that is why I am not quite able to describe what it means to upgrade ZClasses and versionning. I know what I need to do, and I can do it really fast on Zope 2, but I am quite lost when it comes to Zope 3.
And I am sure that I am not the only one with this problem.


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