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Andreas Jung wrote:
> --On 15. Juli 2006 15:55:42 -0400 Tim Peters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> [Tim]
>>>> I used tags for ZODB until I gave in to complaints about that, and
>>>> switched to using revision numbers.  The real complaint about using a
>>>> tagged external is that when the tag changes, SVN isn't smart enough
>>>> to do an incremental update.  Instead, when you update after an
>>>> external tag changes:
>> [Andreas]
>>> What do you mean with "when the tag changes"?
>> Not what I said:  I said "[when] an /external/ tag" changes".  I mean
>> when you change an external tag _in_ project A _referencing_ the
>> external tagged project B.  Here A=Zope and B=ZODB, and the external
>> tags in question are the ones referencing ZODB from within the
>> svn:externals properties of various Zope directories.
> I am still not completely sure about the problem. Yesterday I created a
> tag for for ZODB 3.6.2 as ../ZODB/tags/3.6.2 and I updated the
> svn:externals
> for the ZODB on the Zope 2.9 branch to this new tag. When releasing 2.9.4
> 2.9.4 will be tagged as Zope/tags/2.9.4....so what will be the problem...
> both tags should never be touched...am I missing a particular usecase?

Tim is talking about the effect on an existing sandbox when the
developer (or somebody else) changes the 'svn:external'.  He alleges (I
have no reason to doubt him, but haven't observed it myself) that
changing from one tag to another (e.g., from $ZSVN/ZODB/tags/3.6.3 to
$ZSVN/ZODB/tags/3.6.4) is more disruptive to those sandboxes than
shifting the revision number, but keeping the branch the same.

I think for *development* purposes that we can afford to leave the
externals pointing at branch+revision;  however, for making releases, I
think we need to manage the external dependencies such that we trigger
at least the internal "checkpoint" release of externals.

I *really* wish that there SVN supported something like 'svn ln -r 12345
$ZSVN/foobar/branches/3.5 $ZSVN/foobar/tags/3.5.6' (such that the "link"
that got created was equivalent to "branch + revision".

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