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Miles Waller wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to find out the port number for the HTTP service running in
> a zope instance.  I tried using socket_map as used in the Control_Panel
> interface to report on running network services, but abandoned this
> because I need to get the same information when running in a debug
> instance as through the web.

I don't know what you mean by "debug isntance":  is that from within the
process started by 'zopectl debug'?  from a script run via 'zopectl run'?

> My next approach uses App.config.getConfiguration().servers to get the
> information fromn zope.conf directly.  But a few things seem not quite
> right:
>  - getConfiguration().servers gives me different lists through the debug
> prompt and through the web.  why is this?
>  - what is the most robust way to determine which of the listed servers
> is the HTTPServer?

Use 'isinstance HTTPServer'.

>  - is it ever possible that the servers list would contain more than one
> HTTPServer?

Yes.  There will be one instance per '<http-server>' directive in your
zope.conf file.

> The reason for doing this is so that zope can call out to an external
> program, and give it a notification url that the external program can
> call back on.  Unfortunately I can't change this method of integration.
> Thanks for your help!

Rather than guess, I would make the "callback URL" an explicit
configuration item.  You could set an environment variable with the
information you need, or add a custom stanza to zope.conf, e.g.::

    <product-config your_product_name>
       callback_url http://zope.example.com:1234/path/to/callback_method

You would then use this value via

See the bottom of $ZOPE_HOME/skel/etc/zope.conf.in for more information.

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