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Andreas Jung wrote:

Zope 2.10 comes with the ZPT implementation of Zope 3 which works nicely
with unicode strings. However the 2.10 won't enforce the use of unicode
strings for backward compatibility. However (at least)  the
class constructor has a flag 'strict' to enforce the use of unicode.

Okay, but what actually gets stored in the ZPT when editing it via ZMI or

Here's the code:

   security.declareProtected(change_page_templates, 'PUT')
   def PUT(self, REQUEST, RESPONSE):
       """ Handle HTTP PUT requests """
       self.dav__init(REQUEST, RESPONSE)
       self.dav__simpleifhandler(REQUEST, RESPONSE, refresh=1)
       ## XXX this should be unicode or we must pass an encoding
       self.pt_edit(REQUEST.get('BODY', ''))
       return RESPONSE

As you can see from the comment..there is some work to do. AFAIK
WevDAV the encoding is not available from a WebDAV request?!
On the other hand there is code available that tries to obtain
the encoding from the XML preamble (sniffEncoding)...and the very other hand
there is still a problem with this method since the encoding can be determined by the BOM (if available)...this currently not handled through
the code...I think I'll have a closer look at the code once again this week.

What about loading FS ZPT's and things like CMF's FSZPT?

Ask Tres or Jens :-)


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