On Jul 16, 2006, at 7:29 PM, Richard Jones wrote:

On Sunday 09 July 2006 22:56, Jim Fulton wrote:
Whoever integrated reST didn't even read the documentation, much less
the code.


The ZReST product was originally released by me around 2002 - before those directives existed. According to the docutils HISTORY file, the directives
themselves added in 2003. The *warning* about them was added in 2004.
The configuration to *disable* them appears to have been added in 2005.

Fair enough. This points out that we need to be as vigilant when updating 3rd-party packages as when initially using them. I understand that you didn't
upgrade distutils in Zope.

Please understand, and this is directed to everyone in this discussion, it is not my goal to blame individuals. *We* made a mistake and we need to learn from it. We can't learn from mistakes and stop repeating them unless we admit them.

We made a number of mistakes in this episode.  We exposed (an update
to) a 3rd-party library TTW without doing enough homework to be reasonably assured that it was safe. When we found a problem, we didn't write tests to assure that it was solved sufficiently. Again, I don't want to get on anyone's case, but I want to make sure that we follow processes that will reduce the chance
of a repeat of something like this.

What the hell docutils was doing turning this feature on by default...

I don't think that TTW entry of reST was a use case for docutils. In it's
normal usage, it makes sense for these to be enabled IMO.  The onus
should be on us, when we decide to expose something TTW to make
sure that the power we're exposing is controlled.


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