[Sidnei da Silva]
Seems like we are seeing a shortage of volunteers for building the
Zope Installers for Windows.

IOW, nothing has changed :-)

I haven't seen Tim Peters around for a while, and Chris Withers seems
to have stepped down now.

I'm around, but don't pay particular attention to all the Zope
releases.  If someone needs a Windows installer, I'm usually willing
to make one (but probably won't notice a need for one without being

I've chatted with Alan Runyan and he agreed to dedicate a person for
doing this in exchange of a little publicity. Quoting him:

Our build system has become quite extensive over the past two years.  I
would love to build the Zope installers.  I would also appreciate some
attribution on the first graphic that is displayed.  Basically at the
bottom about 20% of the graphic would say:
'[LOGO] windows installer courtesy of Enfold System'

Not sure on exactly what that means, but doubt anyone would object,
provided he's also willing to volunteer the time to produce the
graphic and wrestle with InnoSetup to get it displayed.

Another alternative would be to add the installer as build to the
buildbot @ zope.org, then we would have 'nightly' installer builds and
once a release was cut one could just take one of these installers and
declare it official.


Building the installer is usually easy.  The hour or so it takes to
make "a real" Windows release is usually consumed by testing,
including manual testing of running as a Windows service.  Sometimes
there are also Windows-specific problems running the tests from an
installation tree that never showed up running from a checkout tree.
Of course if nobody cares about testing a release, a nightly installer
build would work fine ;-)
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