On 8/20/06, Alec Mitchell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On 4/17/06, Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> In our local Zope version, I implemented a solution that is
> (in my opinion) superior:
>   Define an exception "UseTraversalDefault" that can be
>   used by "__bobo_traverse__" to tell the traversal process
>   (either URL traversal in the publisher or restricted/unrestricted/CMF
>   traversal) to use the default lookup.
> One big advantage is that e.g.
> "Archetypes.BaseObject.BaseObject.__bobo_traverse__" no longer
> need this horrible dance to decide whether it should or must
> not create a "NullResource".

OK, I'm bringing an old thread back to life to propose implementing
this change for Zope 2.10.  It would be quite nice to get rid of this
"horrible dance" in the next version of Archetypes, and the change
would generally allow people to make simpler __bobo_traverse__ methods
that don't have to reimplement the traversal machinery themselves,
especially since the traversal machinery is a bit in flux these days.
Of course, if the plan is to make __bobo_traverse__ obsolete in the
near future (provided reasonable alternatives exist), then making it
nicer shouldn't really be too much of a priority.  Thoughts?

Well, as I mentioned in April, i was going to in Zope 2.10 refactor
this and get rid of five:traversable, so I asked for specific usecases
so I could test it. No use cases popped up and the refactoring is now

What effect that has on your usecase I don't know. However, five
objects no longer have a __bobo_traverse__ by default, which should
make things simpler.

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