I assume you have a backup of the Data.fs.  If you do, nothing is really

Have you compressed the Data.fs?  There is an option in the control panel
to do this.  I can be run on a live machine, but you may not want to do so
given the size of stuff.  I'd do it on a quiet machine.  This will 
remove any cruft you have in the Data.fs and will improve your speed of 
access somewhat,  Things are probably slow because of swapping.  Reducing 
the size of Data.fs may speed things up.

Take a look at the documentation for the ZODB (Google is your friend).  
You could write a program in Python to simply open the ZODB and extract
the files you need.  It might save a bit of overhead.

Remember 1.3TB is a large file and is going to take some time to process 
no matter what.   

On Mon, 28 Aug 2006, Kris Adcock wrote:

> Hiya,
> My company has been using a Zope server to store some reference material, but
> it has grown beyond belief, and I need to extract all the collected files
> (about 1.3 terabytes!) from the Data.fs into distinct files onto a different
> server.
> Unfortunately, I've run into some problems. Firstly, the FTP transfer process
> seems to be extremely slow, and if I try and transfer too large or deep a
> folder structure in one go then things grind to a halt.
> To beat this I've been carefully recreating the folder structure manually,
> and copying things in easier-to-digest chunks. Unfortunately, because I was a
> bit rushed over the weekend I have accidentally deleted about 130,000 files!
> I've tried going through the "Undo" procedure, but the idea of manually
> ticking 130,000 boxes (in pages of 20) and undoing them fills me with dread.
> So ...
> Please please /please/ .... does anyone happen to have the file format for
> the Data.fs file so that I could write a C program to extract and recreate
> the files and folders to another server? Or has anyone written such a program
> already? If so, I'll happily have your children if you can help me out! As it
> stands, I'm going to have to break it to the librarian (the poor man who has
> been collating all the reference material for the last six months) that I've
> lost half of his work, and blaming it on the poor FTP client in Windows seems
> a bit lame!
> If it helps: I'm running Zope 2.9.2 on a SuSE Linux box. I have full access
> to the Linux box ... and a large hammer, if I need it! :(
> Help!
> Many thanks in advance,
> Kris (considering giving up this computing job and going to live in a cave
> somewhere).
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