Kris Adcock wrote:
> --- Philipp von Weitershausen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Kris Adcock wrote:
>>> I've tried going through the "Undo" procedure, but the idea of manually
>>> ticking 130,000 boxes (in pages of 20) and undoing them fills me with
>> dread.
>> Hmm, this is something I don't understand. You deleted 130,000 files in
>> individual transactions? If you deleted the 130,000 files in one big
>> transaction, all you have to do is undo this one transaction. That is,
>> of course, provided that any subsequent transaction you made after
>> deleting the files won't cause inconsistencies and potentially prevent
>> the undo.
> Perhaps the Windows FTP client chooses to scan through the folder structure
> itself and individually delete each file?

Aaah, FTP client. :(((

> I'm certainly looking at 130,000
> entries, anyway. I'd be much happier if I only had to undo one transaction!

Undo them programmatically from Python! In the zopectl debug shell, do:

  >>> db = root._p_jar.db()
  >>> specification = dict(location='/path/to/folder/of/deleted/items')
  >>> txn_ids = [entry['id'] for entry in db.undoInfo(specification)]
  >>> db.undo(txn_ids)
  >>> import transaction
  >>> transaction.commit()

Untested! No warranties! Make backups!

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