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Tino Wildenhain wrote:
> Andreas Jung wrote:
> ...
>> *me loud thinking*: wouldn't it make sense to integrate PAS into the
>> Zope 2 core and make it the new default mechanism for authentication
>> replacing
>> the old crappy UserFolder stuff?
> Would be nice - otoh, its still very rough - its actually not
> understandable how to plug which elements together to achieve
> a given goal. There is some documentation text about the
> general usage in the archive but if you dont have something
> online I'd expect a lot of people getting really confused
> and locking them out theirself. So unless you read what to
> do at the ZMI level, I'm a bit -1 for default integration.

I would certainly agree that the product to date has been rough, and
that it is pretty easy to create "lockout" situations (although I
haven't seen one which locked out the "emergency user" since before the
initial public release).

I think that the "GenericSetup profile" feature would make some of the
first issue better, as we could ship "known good" configurations of the
stock plugins.  In fact, 1.4 includes such a profile, "simple", which
sets up a working configuration, using ZODB-based users and groups.

The remaining "roughness" bit is documentation:  because the framework
is so pluggable, there are lots of options when setting it up.  While
documenting the intent of the framework is fairly straghtforward,
writing useful "user-level" docs for people who don't expect to spend
the time to understand it is way harder.

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