Max M wrote:
> Refresh no longer works, and the old "debug, correct, restart" cycle is
> back.
> Only this time a software stack the size a skyscrapers has to be loaded.
> Making it even slower than in the old Zope days.

There are a few answers to this question

 - Get a better machine. :) Probably not your favourite one

 - Load less. Deleting PloneLanguageTool, for example, speeds up startup
since you don't need to load all kinds of translations. 

 - Write tests!

The latter is the reason why I don't miss this quite so much. I sometimes
miss it, especially when I'm exploring things that I don't know how to write
tests for and I need to see it in the browser in order to visualise it, but
in general:

 - Tests are quicker to execute than restarting Zope

 - You can write many tests and observe many failures, fixing many of them
before re-running the tests

 - Tests are important anyway - you should have them

 - Your tests probably don't need to load all of Zope all the time.

 - With the recent layers support that Whit has been working on, you can
have even more control over how much gets loaded, when.

Refresh of skin templates, of course, works fine when you're in debug mode.
I find that skin tweaks is the main thing I need to do TTW, and I find that
I tend to do this after I've written the tests that prove that my code
works. That saves me a bunch of restarts.

But - I'd still like to see a reliable refresh come back. Even if it only
works in 80% of the cases, and *even* if it sometimes creates funny SNAFUs
that require a restart and lead to mystery errors, it *was* very convenient.

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