On Mon, 2006-04-09 at 12:55 +0200, Max M wrote:
> Does anybody have a clue as to where the problem is? And why aren't 
> there any more people complaining about it? Is it because I develop on 
> Windows and am the only one doing so?
> What do I have to do to get the sweet sweet refresh working again?

This isn't really a Plone issue, but since it affects so many Plone
developers I'll give my 2 cents.

I will begin by saying refresh has never been totally reliable for me...
even in Zope 2.7.  Often times I would refresh and get frustrated by the
fact that my code wasn't reloaded and end up restarting anyhow.

But the true killer right now is the Zope 3 CA.  Basically, if you use
zope 3 components, they cannot be refreshed currently.  Plone 2.5 uses a
ton of Zope 3 views.  Now this doesn't excuse why the code *you* write
(if it's not using Zope 3 CA) isn't able to be refreshed.  For that, I
have no answer.

So, I've learned to change my habits.  I'm sure you've heard this a
million times, but there's good reason... it just works.  And that is to
write unit tests to build your functionality rather than loading it up
in Zope.  This cuts down on restart times *bigtime*.  This is not
specific to core plone developers.  Everyone who writes python code
should be writing unit tests.  My first test of the quality of a
third-party plone product is to inspect it's test coverage.

Anyhow, hope that helps.


Rocky Burt
ServerZen Software -- http://www.serverzen.com
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