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Personally I think we should just release the trunk every six months
(with a list of known bugs) and that be it.  (I'm speaking of Zope 3
here, I don't know enough about the dynamics of the Zope 2 ecosystem to
comment there.)

I think that this is an edge case of time-based releasing: the absolute
minimal work we need to do to make a time-based release is to release the
trunk. Hopefully we'll be doing more than the minimal amount of work, and
we'll actually fix some bugs before we release the trunk. A release can
be a good opportunity to fix lingering bugs, after all.

I am thinking since one hour about how to reply to Benji's proposal. It's
not much acceptable. Major release have to be planned to a certain degree and must be tested (as good as we can) - means we must have alpha and beta releases. Everything else does not make sense to me. Zope 2 is not a kindergarten project and we use it for professional projects and we as a community should act (somewhat) professional. You can of course make daily snapshots available but most developers are using SVN checkouts and professional users don't want depend on snapshots - they expect official releases.


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