On Sep 17, 2006, at 3:09 PM, Sidnei da Silva wrote:

I remember having a conversation with Jim at some point where he
proposed a strategy for requests that could potentially take a long
time to finish. If I recall correctly, he proposed having a separate
ZODB connection pool.

One thing that is problematic today is serving large files
from the ZODB (ignoring the upcoming blob support).

Why would you ignore that?


b) If you dump the data to a temp file and return that as a file
   iterator, it can potentially take twice the time.

OK, so?

c) If you use RESPONSE.write() you can break other
   applications. ExternalEditor comes to mind.

I wasn't aware that it would break RESPONSE.write, but, in any
case, this will cause a tempirary file to be created.


I would like to be able to return an iterator that can read from the
ZODB. That would probably benefit the WSGI integration as well. Anyone
has ideas about how to solve this?

You could create an entirely new server with different thread-management
semantics. You could probably do this with the normal Zope publisher using
one of the standard threading WSGI servers,

Or you could use a temporary file or wait for blobs.


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