On Tue, Sep 19, 2006 at 04:34:55PM +0200, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
| >In general I preferre old and well tested security code over new
| >security related code. Martjin, Phillip and all the other people are
| >doing a great job with Five but well ... it's new code. New code tends
| >to break because it is not as well tested as old code.
| There isn't much new in terms of security regarding what ZCML does in Five.

In fact all it does is to map Zope 3 security directives to Zope 2

| >* ZCML security declarations are great for Zope3 and Five classes
| >because their default security policy is DENY unless explictly allowed.
| ZCML does NOT change the security policy of Zope 2. ZCML is just an 
| *spelling* of security declarations. So, it's not much new code at all.

And in fact it has tests.

| >* Comments like <!--deny attributes="baz" /--> <!-- XXX not yet
| >supported --> are adding a bad gut feeling ...
| <deny /> is soemthing that's not in Zope 3 and I don't know what Sidnei 
| (who did the ZCML-Zope2-security integration) intended there. It's 
| certainly nothing that poses a security threat. We don't operate on bad 
| gut feelings. If you see definite problems with Five code, I'll be happy 
| to discuss them.

I believe Zope 3 had <deny /> at some point. It might not have it
anymore those days. If I recall, the motivation was to be able to add
the notion of 'deny by default' which exists in Zope 3.

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