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Jonathan wrote:

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I found a thread (from March 2006) discussing the future of zclasses, but
i could not determine if a 'final' decision had been made.

According to Changes.txt for Zope 2.10.0:

"ZClasses are deprecated and should no longer be used. In addition any
code related to the ZClasses (re)distribution mechanism is removed."

Right. And nobody stepped in to work on an alternative solution. Another
indication that the core developers don't care much about ZClasses.

Does this mean that any application which incorporates zclasses will
break if upgraded to zope 2.10.x?


Oh crap...

Before you get to excited, you should probably try it.  If it breaks,
it is likely to break in small ways.  I'm just guessing.  ZClasses
haven't been removed. It's just that I'm pretty much the only one who
can fix them and I have lots of other priorities. :/


From a 'robustness' and 'sleep-better-at-nite' perspective I would rather
spend the time making sure the application is rock-solid (by replacing the zclasses once and for all) and not have to worry about this issue everytime a new release of zope is installed.

I'm going to consider this a 'learning experience' ;-)

BTW - nothing beats ZClasses and DTML for quick-and-dirty demos, one-time applications, and rapid-prototyping!

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