Andreas Jung wrote:

>ZClasses deserve a maintainer or a budget to fund a maintainer - otherwise they will remain what they are: a >3rd-class citizen of Zope.

I have looked at the code, but I am not quite sure what it takes to maintain it.

The core problem is that I do not understand how the underlying zope is changing, so I am not quite sure what is breaking. I guess this is not my highest priority right now.

The other problem is that I do not really understand the reasons behind the original design of ZClasses.

Jim Fulton has offered to navigate me through this process, but I have not yet taken him up on the offer. I am waiting until I am sufficiently motivated to do something about it before bothering him.

It always seems that someone else is more motivated than I am, so I have not yet had to do anything.

It would be very interesting to know how many hours of work it would take to bring ZClasses up to date on the current release of Zope 2. Then I could hand it off to my favorite offshore developer. Part of me is interested in doing it myself. Then I would understand the whole stack under ZClasses.

Better yet, I should show up the Plone conference, where I should be able to find someone to answer my questions.

>ZClasses don't get better from writing long postings.
Ah, yes but I can write much faster than I can code. What am I doing on this list!?! All I have to do is to motivate someone else to do the work!


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